What we can do for you

Experts and consultants

Action alliances and operational partnerships with experts and consultants and professionals.

Ideas and opportunities

internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements.


The training of work teams and collaborating with internal and loyalty to the standards of quality and excellence of the specific.

Acquisition of rights

Benefit from the owners of in-kind resources and technological and operational activities in the company’s core.

Work/Life balance

Attract and care for intellectually talented and creative, active and productive.


To achieve better returns from the College of the overall operation and investment of resources overall fused with each.

You should know…

DELUNEGROUP is a shareholding company under the 159 law an extension investment of the experience of multi-entity, a former since 1989 and aims DELUNEGROUP to benefit from the local investment climate and the current international in the fields of media and business to benefit from the experience of owners in the tourism and the accompanying public information activities, investment and trade as well as experts and advisers collaborators in the areas.


DELUNEGROUP with their two grounds sectors in Media & business aim to activate its invest and expertise in the activities of advertising and artistic production And management of marketing channels and media in addition to activating the investment activities of the business through tourist services, supplies, and commercial agencies and real estate marketing and general contracting.

To achieve expansion of international investment in the long term