Tourism and hotels

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Today, it has become one of the most important sectors in international trade. The value of tourism exports in 1998 amounted to about $ 532 billion, followed closely by the production of vehicles with a value of $ 522 billion.

From an economic perspective, tourism is a productive sector that plays an important role in increasing national income and improving the balance of payments. It is a source of hard currencies, an opportunity to employ manpower, and a goal to achieve development programs. From a social and civilization perspective, tourism is a dynamic movement related to the cultural and civilization aspects of the human being, in the sense that it is a civilized message and a bridge for communication between cultures and human knowledge for nations and peoples.

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Ideas and opportunities

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Experts and consultants

Action alliances and operational partnerships with experts and consultants and professionals.

Acquisition of rights

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About the company in the field of managing boats and hotels..

About We work in managing boats and hotels (tourism investment), building hotels and tourist villages, selling, managing and supervising them.

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Internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements