Media production and Advertising

The biggest entertainment, media, film production and broadcasting companies residing in one space, where creativity is unleashed and talent is nurtured.

Our Boutique Studios are the perfect fit for TV stations and production companies: amazing office spaces with attached studios, giving you the option to rent the entire building which includes ground plus two floors.

Our plans is to create a holistic experience which aims to achieve maximum brand awareness. By redirecting brand experiences, we help our partners connect with their audience in the most efficient manner.

We aim to make meaningful experiences and impactful effect on the public’s perception towards communication

reducing investment risks, and emphasizing the overall profitability

Ideas and opportunities

internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements.


The training of work teams and collaborating with internal and loyalty to the standards of quality and excellence of the specific.

Work/Life balance

Attract and care for intellectually talented and creative, active and productive.


To achieve better returns from the College of the overall operation and investment of resources overall fused with each.

About the company in Media production and Advertising…

The company was established to invest in the fields of media and business in a distinct and creative vision that puts in mind future leadership in its fields, using global media, marketing and technical expertise, professional alliances, executive partnerships, privileges, rights to benefit, global agencies and supporters in the basic activities of the company and what may arise in the future based on market opportunities The appropriate size and activity with the practical rehabilitation of the work teams and their involvement in innovation, creativity and permanent development through training workshops, planning, implementation and continuous development to satisfy and meet the needs of countries And the targeted governments and customers in each activity separately to achieve the desired goals of the company, the brokers, allies, clients and those who support it to achieve its strategic goal, which is diversifying sources of income, reducing investment risks, and emphasizing the overall profitability and horizontal expansion in the targeted areas.

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Internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements.