Energy and mining

There are quite a number of factors on both sides that have lead in the last years to a better fit of renewable energy and the mining industry. Many experts expect a boom of renewable energy applications at remote mines in the near future (see section developments).

Energy represents a tremendous improvement opportunity for mining companies since savings derived from more proactive energy management are inextricably linked to energy management.

The depth of the oil layers ranges in a wide range of up to 5-6 thousand meters and more, and wells are dug to extract oil from the ground to the surface, and the drilling and research operations are conducted in preparation for the location of drilling the wells from which it is extracted. bit in rotary drilling with each drill pipe column.

Oil production methods Petroleum is produced in three basic ways, which are the fountain method, the pressure or gas lift method, and the deep pumping method.

Better fit for mining and renewable energy

Ideas and opportunities

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Acquisition of rights

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Work/Life balance

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Any mines are located in remote sites that are not grid-connected. Electricity is often produced by diesel genes. Driven by high fuel-transportation costs, the price for electricity generation is normally high. Renewable energy is an optimal add-on to diesel-genes and can generated considerable fuel- and total electricity cost-savings. The objective of this platform is to communicate how mining companies are already applying renewable energy (Solar & Wind project database) and to give some background information about the topic. Regularly, reports and white papers are published for further insights.

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Internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements.