It is the integration of the production factors available in agriculture (land, labor, capital …) and operating them with the intention of producing agricultural materials to meet the needs of consumers and to obtain the best possible results.
However, the concept of agricultural investment is sometimes identical to the concept of industrial investment, as many agricultural investments have tended towards a focus in production, which is taking place according to industrial bases (poultry industry, industrial agricultural complexes, etc.)

Ideas and opportunities

internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements.

Experts and consultants

Action alliances and operational partnerships with experts and consultants and professionals.

Acquisition of rights

Benefit from the owners of in-kind resources and technological and operational activities in the company’s core.

Work/Life balance

Attract and care for intellectually talented and creative, active and productive.

About the company in agricultural and animal investment…

The Company undertakes agricultural investment, division, reclamation and cultivation of lands, irrigation and animal production.

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Internal integration to achieve enough of the essential elements