DELUNEGROUP with their two grounds sectors in Media & business aim to activate its invest and expertise in the activities of advertising and artistic production And management of marketing channels and media in addition to activating the investment activities of the business through tourist services, supplies, and commercial agencies and real estate marketing and general contracting, investment and land reclamation and cultivation of desert agriculture and irrigation systems, and also modern petroleum services and projects, the government strategy.

DELUNEGROUP take the scientific method and practical liberal that’s with use of Homogeneous and diverse mix of professionals, experts and international consultants, suppliers, collaborators to form the active quality of thought and practice professional and creative direction of excellence and leadership in its activities and projects, whether for themselves or on behalf of others or for the benefit of customers using the systems management and operation of flexible and supported by scientific methods and innovation value an development workshops as a method to achieve its investment goals and benefits to both deal with internal and external meeting the needs of its customers as the central pivot for the continuation of their presence.

Action alliances and operational partnerships with experts and consultants and professionals.

history & philosophy

DELUNEGROUP is a shareholding company under the 159 law an extension investment of the experience of multi-entity, a former since 1989 and aims to benefit from the local investment climate and the current international in the fields of media and business to benefit from the experience of owners in the tourism and the accompanying public information activities, investment and trade as well as experts and advisers collaborators in the areas in which the annexation of those experiences and the previous work of experts and consultants under its umbrella to enrich the investment components and increase the competitiveness in all its activities.

providing tourist services and dealing with many tourist facilities in Egypt and abroad as well as the agencies of Commerce and the Alliance global companies in the financing and implementation of major projects as well as with professional filmmakers workshop setting and scenario, authors and distributors musicians, producers, executives and studios force the media and taught DELUNEGROUP Showing for the purchase of a satellite channel to contribute in growth of the thought media ,tourism and practical.

A bit more!


We are a holding company that has branches around the world (Dubai-Jeddah-Riyadh-Bahrain-Canada) and it is a group of leading companies in areas that have specialized in their work accurately and have proven to the global market their superiority in the implementation and operation of the business that is entrusted with them and our fields are such:

  • The field of contracting
  • Agricultural
  • Medical
  • Clothing
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Marketing and real estate investment
  • Car Rental
  • Organizing exhibitions advertising
  • Tourism


DELUNEGROUP has started in the Egyptian market before the date of the establishment of the company under different titles, gaining experience in the Egyptian and Arab market in several fields, implementing different high end projects, preparing technical, legal and financial studies for the projects, the implementation plan, and the final delivery and operation for the projects of specialized production.

Specialized consultants were reached for their recommendations to the highest modern executive level; The Company includes specialists in all fields of expertise planning to continue the activity at a good level in the coming years

Director’s word

We salute everyone

In light of the increase in the demand of projects included in our field of experience in the last quarter of a century, I aim to gain the implementation of the projects that have been studied, feasible for technical and financial investment.

As a result of increasing the financial and technical capacity in cooperation with entities aiming to participate in all projects in order for us to have a suitable share for the size of the local and international market.

And we are currently working in developmental fields such as real estate and industrial development, agricultural development, animal production, land reclamation, waste recycling and alternative manufacturing.

Development of the investment medical service and educational sector